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France meets the Netherlands
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1.  AIIM
 A.I. Open thinkers

At AIIM (AI in Motion) we rethink and redesign possibilities by adding intelligence onto machine perception and localization to steer autonomous vehicles and robots within challenging dynamic environments.
Originating from the TU Eindhoven Mobile Perception Systems Lab, we focus on capturing high precision insights through autonomous vehicles in both indoor and outdoor environments. We can then apply these learnings to create agile solutions for the Agricultural, Robotics, Vision, and IoT industries.

Mission area                          Smart mobility 

Technology leader in advanced composites

Airborne is a technology leader in advanced composites, specialised in the industrialisation of engineering and manufacturing of durable fiber reinforced composites for Space, Aeronautics and Marine industries. With our 20 years heritage in composites, we provide our clients with high-end composite solutions either directly through advanced manufacturing of components or by developing industrialisation packages which we implement at manufacturers of choice. Airborne’s focus is on high-end composite components, at high production rates at radically low conversion costs.

Mission area


Aludium is a new entity which comprises three former Alcoa mills in Spain and France and a state-of-the-art aluminium research and development centre in Spain. These assets have been consolidated under the Aludium brand by Atlas Holdings, a global industrial holding company with a unique and focused approach to growing industrial companies with a long term investment horizon.
Aludium might be a new and dynamic entity in aluminium, but it benefits from more than 60 years of experience in the sector. Our long-term goal is to be Europe’s premier supplier of aluminium sheets, shates and coils, and to provide a platform for growth, stability, and enduring relationships with our customers.

Mission area

Our expertise

Light weight sustainable core panels; interior and exterior.

Why Axxor?
•       We only manufacture the best paper honeycomb.
•       We focus on your total cost of ownership.
•       We do not bring you a raw material; with our partners we bring you a solution.

Honeycomb & SMC (by Koller):
•       Exterior
•       Class A finish
•       Structural
•       Lightweight
•       Low cost

DVD system (by Koller & Daimler AG):
•       Interior
•       Improved stiffness
•       Lightweight
•       Low cost
•       Improved acoustics

Mission area                          Materials

FTE                                           70

Revenue (2018)                    € 45.000.000

Position in supply chain   Tier 2, Tier 3
Mission area                        Green mobility
Category                                Material supplier


DK Prototyping for Automotive Glass specialises in making car windows for prototypes and concept cars. The ovens developed by ourselves and our other machines allow us to produce high-quality car windows quickly in small numbers.
DK develops new applications for car windows and offers support to car manufacturers and their suppliers in the field of innovation. Three points are central: comfort, design and CO2 reduction.Mission area                          Materials 
6.  Eindhoven University of Technology
Mobility is a basic human need. It is a prerequisite for a healthy economy and sustainable society. However, our current mobility system is far from sustainable: pollution, noise, congestion, inefficient use of public space and high accidents rates are drastically impacting on the economy and our well-being. At TU/e we believe that a future of fully sustainable mobility is possible and within reach. In fact, our students and over 200 researchers who conduct research on mobility related issues, are committed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable mobile future.

We are working towards mobility that is safe and clean and that minimizes the use of scarce urban space. Mobility that is accessible to all at reasonable cost. Solutions that are being researched are both in-vehicle ones as well as ones outside the vehicle:
With intelligent vehicles essentially becoming computers on wheels, vehicle performance will be greatly improved by innovations in the areas of electronics, software systems and data intelligence.
An increasing volume of mobility data will lead to an exponential growth in smart mobility solutions, enabling new mobility systems and services. This will be by way of the new ‘Internet of vehicles’ created by connected technology. Also, smart design of urban areas – empowering slower mobility options such as walking and cycling – will boost enhanced mobility.

Driven by technology, TU/e is working on solutions for a sustainable mobile future through:
• Safe mobility: advanced driver assistance systems, automotive WIFI and 5G cellular connectivity, LIDAR, stereo camera systems, AI, control technology.
• Clean and energy efficient mobility: fuels from electricity, cleaner engines, electrification, bicycle technology.
• Lower congestion and logistics costs: data science & logistics, distributed traffic management, V2X systems.
• Solving spatial issues: transition to active modalities as walking and cycling, smart cities, new sustainable and affordable mass transport systems.
• High quality mobility: automated driving, affordable mobility-as-a-service.

Mission area                          Smart mobility

TU Eindhoven student teams and cars.jpg

Our focus on development and improvement make us an accredited partner to the automotive and construction equipment industry. We provide solutions that control, dampen, protect and seal. EKK Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on quality and functional reliability in terms of products processes and partnership.
For EKK the future means that we will continue to improve our technology and diversify our business activities, responding effectively to the evolving, sophisticated needs of our customers. EKK’s future is a contribution to a sustainable outlook, not only for our customers, but the industries that we serve, our employees and the environment.
On a daily basis we manufacture, research, and develop automotive and construction machinery products for automobile and auxiliary parts manufacturers worldwide. Including mechanical seals, lip seals, special valves primarily used in the auxiliary parts of automobiles   and floating seals used in the construction machinery.Mission area                          Materials / Green 
Customised Composites

We are a producer of 3D printed fibre reinforced composite parts, passionate about materials and new technologies. We help our customers create beautiful, strong and lightweight products in almost any shape.

The world of 3D printing has seen enormous developments in the past decade. The range of applications for 3D printing is greatly expanded as the quality and size of printed products continue to increase.

We have developed, modified and combined various innovative processes to create our FRP3D technology to take the next step in 3D printed composites. With this technique we are able to provide better solutions for our customers. Whenever challenges exist around geometry, mass and strength, we help to achieve the best possible product!



Position in supply chain     

Mission area                          Materials



GreenFlux offers smart electric vehicle charging solutions. Whether you are a charge point operator, electric mobility service provider or charge point manufacturer, we have a smart solution for your business model.

Platform for EV charging networks
We offer an advanced cloud-based platform to make it easy for you to manage your charging network. Our platform combines state-of-the-art technology, industry leading expertise, and easy solutions for managing infrastructures of charge points via open protocols and systems, allowing every charge point to connect to the platform (Cloud Based Platform).

Mission area                          Smart Mobility

10.       NEW COSMOS – BIE
Fixed gas detection systems and portable gas detectors

New Cosmos in a manufacturer of gas detection equipment and gas detection systems for the automotive industry, among others.
In the automotive industry we contribute to safety within the production of vehicles, for example around the paint shop in the factory.

FTE                                           20

Revenue (2017)                    € 3.000.000

Position in supply chain      Tier 3

Mission area                          Manufacturing

Category                                 Component supplier
Equipment supplier
Gas detection systems
Gas detection sensors


In addition, we produce a unique portable metal particle meter that can measure in oil or grease. In this way preventive maintenance of robots can be predicted, with which a large cost saving can be achieved.
As last, New Cosmos has developed a hydrogen sensor for monitoring the fuel cell in FCV vehicles.
11.       POLYSCOPE Polymers
1.       Composite Guiderail Rollerblind Sunroof Module
The winning nomination was for the first composite guide rails on a rollerblind sunroof module for the panoramic roof on two models of multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) from Renault called the Scenic and the Grand Scenic and have been in commercial production since 2016. The move from aluminium extrusions to thermoplastic composite lowered part weight and operating noise, simplified sunroof construction and installation on the vehicle assembly line, reduced costs, and increased headspace in the passenger compartment. Webasto engineered the injection molded rails to include a high level of functional integration while simultaneously reducing part count, assembly operations, and manufacturing time, cost, and complexity. XIRAN® SGH30EB — a fiberglass-reinforced copolymer of styrene maleic anhydride and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (GR-SMA/ABS) from Polyscope — was optimized both to ensure high bond strength to the polyurethane adhesive used to mount the glass to the module and the module to the body-in-white (BIW) roof structure, and to ensure high dimensional stability critical for smooth operation of the rollerblind.
FTE                                           55

Revenue (2017)                    € 35.000.000

Position in supply chain      Tier 3

Mission area                          Materials

Category                                 Component supplier
Service provider
Polymer materials

2.       Low Warpage PP-GF for High Precision Automotive Parts
Best in class warpage and dimensional stability enables developers to create hybrid PP overmolded structural parts. Our CLTE value are much closer to metal (aluminium, steel) which reduces the internal stresses in the assembly and therefore increase long term quality. The improved dimensional stability also helps to replace metals and/or higher priced performance polymers (Air flow sensors). Narrow tolerance typical for efficient fan designs, sliding parts or pump designs can now be obtained with our XILOY™ PP/SMA compound. The improved adhesion to fibers – both glass and optical carbon fibers – enables the XILOY™ PP/SMA to perform even with lower fibers content compared to highly filed compounds. In combination with Tg increase, the XILOY™ PP/SMA shows improved mechanical performance at higher application temperatures. This helps product designers to optimize their designs to obtain the best possible lightweight solution. To reduce the overall weight of a part, chemical or physical foaming is often used. The SMA based PP has an improved melt strength which improves the cell structure and therefore resulting the most efficient overall weight reduction.
3.       Environmental-stress-crack-resistant PMMA for Automotive LED Lighting
Over the past years LED has become the new standard for lightning in automotive, not only for ambient interior lightning but also for exterior head- and tail lights. Compared to Xenon, halogen and traditional light-bulbs, the temperatures of LED lamps are significantly lower. This lower temperature allows for the use of PMMA instead of glass, PC or other high-temperature resistant materials. From an optical point of view, PMMA is the preferred material for lightning: it has the best transparency (or light transmittance) and color. However, PMMA is prone to environmental stress cracking when exposed to certain chemicals, such as ethanol, or UV-light under hot and humid conditions. This stress-cracking is highly undesirable in lighting because it destroys the light quality. To solve this issue, we have developed an SMA-modified PMMA with improved environmental stress-crack resistance and good optical performance.
4.       A new SMI/PA alloy with excellent dimensional stability and good adhesion properties designed for medium-temperature hybrid precision parts
By combining our high-temperature, fully amorphous SMI with semi-crystalline PA6 we get the best of both worlds: a dimensionally stable and stiff material up to 150-160⁰C with a very low moisture uptake and good chemical resistance. The low moisture uptake and the remaining high modulus at increasing temperature makes this material an excellent candidate for high-precision parts. On top of that, the SMI delivers good adhesion to metal and other reinforcements, such as organosheets, allowing for a simple over-molding process to produce hybrid parts. Altogether, this material is an excellent candidate for large, complex, lightweight parts that require high-precision and function integration.
SmartwayZ.NL is an innovative mobility programme
Working on the smoothest, safest, smartest and most robust mobility network possible in the Netherlands. Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg, various municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions. Working together on smart solutions. For today’s trip and tomorrow’s world. of North-Brabant
North-Brabant is a province of the Netherlands, located in the south of the country. It borders the provinces of South Holland and Gelderland to the north, Limburg to the east, Zeeland to the west, and the Belgian provinces of Antwerp and Limburg to the south.
The Province of North-Brabant represents the administrative layer between the national government and the local municipalities. The provincial administration takes initiatives on an economic, social and cultural level and coordinates actions.
The provincial administration of Brabant is primarily concerned with:
·       Spatial development
·       Accessibility and mobility for the region
·       Regional economic policy
·       Culture and regional identityWe work together with innovative entrepreneurs and with people who can solve social issues. We help to make dreams come true, to access new markets and turn groundbreaking concepts into tangible products and services.
Together we work to make our cast-iron competitive position more sustainable and to further increase it. That’s because Brabant has everything it takes to perform at a global level, whether in terms of our economic position, our technological knowhow, and our society.Mission area                          Smart Mobility
13.       SEKISUI S-LEC
Leading technology, leading the way

Our SEKISUI S-LEC™ interlayer film is applied to laminated glass in buildings and automobiles. It is used for safety and security (no scattering of glass upon impact) and shielding of UV-radiation, sound and heat. Sixty years of continuous improvement of our glass interlayer technology have made us the leading brand for PVB interlayer film in the automotive industry.

Mission area                          Materials

14.       SENCIO

Capsulate your systemSencio is an independent package design and assembly company located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Fully TS16949 certified, Sencio offers functional packaging solutions for MEMS and integrated sensor systems primarily for automotive and industrial applications.
With over 25 years of experience in package development and volume manufacturing of sensor components and systems, Sencio aims to be the world class competence center for functional packaging.Mission area                          Smart Mobility 
15.       SOLID SANDS
The one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler and library testing, validation and safety services
SuperTest is the test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers that has tracked the (ISO) language specifications for more than 30 years. It is a complete validation environment with:
·       A huge library of hand-written test.
·       A large body of generated tests.
·       A framework to easily set-up and run compiler validations.
·       A report generator that provides comprehensive overviews of validation results in multiple formats, including HTML, and will immediately identify regressions of the latest compiler build compared to a designated reference.
SuperTest also includes a number of unique features that are not found in other test suites.
SuperTest is used to qualify compilers for functional safety. As functional safety is one of the most important features in many embedded systems today, especially within sectors such as automotive, industrial automation and medical. Compiler qualification is the process that can be used to develop the required confidence in the compiler. Compiler testing against the language specification is the proper method for this. SuperTest and its requirement traceability is the best test suite for compiler qualification.
There are different functional safety standards for which you can use SuperTest to qualify your compiler or library.Compiler Assessment
With this compiler assessment service, Solid Sands performs an assessment of a supplied compiler with SuperTest.This service is interesting for:
·       application developers who do not want or do not have the knowledge in house to setup a compiler testing environment, but do want to ensure that the used compiler, and updates thereof, conform to minimum quality standards.
·       companies that experience a shortage in resources.
·       for compiler developers who already have in-house compiler testing, but want a third party to do independent quality control.
·       companies that want to extend their compiler testing environment, but still need to be convinced of the quality SuperTest offers.
By supplying us with a complete compilation and execution environment (e.g. simulator or emulator), including any necessary software usage rights, we will do a full SuperTest run on your compiler to ensure the quality of the compiler you are developing or using.
After this run you will receive an assessment summary of the failures and their severity as found by SuperTest.At the end you will have enough knowledge of the current quality of the compiler you develop or use. A percentage of the costs for this assessment will be deducted from the regular SuperTest license fee if ordered within 3 months after we have communicated the outcome of the test-runs.

Mission area
16.       VANBERLO
Sustainability and electric driving

At VanBerlo, we are very happy to contribute to a greener future by means of our work for EVBox, developing EV charging solutions. Even though electric transportation is just a small part of the solution, it is important that we explore this opportunity to the max and get many people motivated to be part of it.
For the EV community this means two things; make electric transportation possible on a large scale and make it as easy and comfortable as possible for everybody to be part of it.
To reduce uncertainty for EVdrivers, reliability should be improved and range anxiety (the fear that a vehicle has insufficient range to reach its destination) reduced. Increased availability of charging stations with good support systems can easily solve this problem. This challenge demands great cooperation between all stakeholders involved: the automotive branch, EV charger manufacturers and electricity providers, to name a few. At VanBerlo we are comfortable to work with multi stakeholder problems and eager to take on this challenge.
VanBerlo is working together with EVBox on smart solutions to make the use of the chargers as easy and intuitive as possible to lower the threshold for unexperienced EV drivers to give it a try.

Mission area                          Design

Collector of industrial/consumer batteries & metals

Van Peperzeel is the largest collector of used lead acid batteries in the Netherlands. The annual collection amounts to many thousands of tons of old car batteries. We work together with nationally operating wholesalers in the automotive industry. The batteries are prepared for recycling and delivered to acknowledged processors in Europe.
In addition to the lead acid battery collection, Van Peperzeel is also active in buying and selling of various non-ferrous metals. About five thousand tons of non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous residues (you can think of old license plates, rims, car spent catalytic converters and a variety of industrial waste such as skimmings and turnings) passes our weighing scales annually.
Finally Van Peperzeel is the national sorting centre of waste consumer batteries. We work for Stibat (the Battery foundation) who is responsible in the Netherlands to help producers and importers to carry out their obligation to collect and process used consumer batteries.
Our experience in sorting these batteries over the years resulted in an unique knowledge about used batteries and its recycling possibilities. We offer these knowledge through consultancy contracts, helping different European countries setting up collecting schemes. We have delivered sorting installations and training programs in Greece, Ireland & Germany.

Mission area                          Green Mobility

Vialle is a global player in the application of Autogas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Diesel/LPG fumigation for heavy duty vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Dimethyl Ether (DME) solutions. For more than 50 years Vialle is experienced and technical leader in Alternative Fuel solutions for almost every kind of transport.

Mission area
                         Green Mobility