#EDC18AI : Erasmus-Descartes Conference 2018 – spotlight on: AI Start-ups [2/2]

Part II of our Erasmus-Descartes Conference (EDC) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) – start-ups two-part series where we share the 10 Dutch AI start-ups who will take the stage on Friday 16th in Paris. Click here for part I.

Spotlight on: Mobeelity, Synsight, Muzeek,  PANACEAR, Ludocare


MobileetyMobeelity is a mobility aggregator dedicated to companies. Its app helps employees optimize their daily commutes in real time, find alternatives when things happen on their usual itinerary, and compensate them using a virtual money system based on their CO2 savings. Its web platform helps companies in their mobility management, optimizing their mobility budgets, and driving their carbon footprint.

SynsightSynsight aims to make Drug Discovery faster, cheaper and smarter!
Through our state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) platform, we discover and optimize new small-molecule and biologic drugs. Our platform combines the latest technologies in Machine Learning and Molecular Mechanics for Dynamic Virtual Screening, complemented by wet chemistry and wet biology.

muzeekMuzeek is an Augmented Composer that offers professional quality, on demand, tailored music generation. It is powered by musicians and Artificial Intelligence. With its intuitive design, our music to image synchronization algorithms create unique and exclusive compositions that increases audience engagement for your videos.


Pancear.pngPANACEAR offers a portfolio of solutions to improve the quality and speed of breast cancer treatment through better diagnosis, earlier assessment, better guidance of surgery and ultimately urgently needed novel treatment options. For patients this approach will contribute to more effective treatments (reduced morbidity), less unnecessary treatments (reduced side effects) and less time between diagnosis and treatment completion.  Central to PANACEAR’s business is a novel probe named AZA that has several unique properties: the molecule specifically binds to necrotic tissue, has some unique fluorescent and pharmacologic properties, can be functionalised to delineate tumours and to work in PET imaging, and can carry therapeutics to the tumour. PANACEAR has partnered with Erasmus MC (EMC) in Rotterdam and is developing Augmented Reality (AR) software with Artificial Intelligent (AI) capabilities, which enables the 3 dimensional representation and interpretation of the imaging data generated by its probe.


Startup Ludocare is developing JOE: a connected and playful companion for children suffering from asthma. He helps these children to follow their daily medicines. It reminds the child on when and how to take its asthma treatment. JOE is present in the major events that concern :

– Health and respiratory disorders
– Internet of Things (IoT) and connected solution
– Startup and women entrepreneurs events