#EDC18AI : Erasmus-Descartes Conference 2018 – spotlight on: AI Start-ups [1/2]

On the 15th and the 16th of November 2018 the Erasmus-Descartes Conference will be coming back to Paris, organised by the Dutch embassy in cooperation with the French embassy in the Netherlands. The conference, which took place for the first time in 2002, has since been held alternately in Paris and Amsterdam. A total of 150 experts from the private sector, civil society organisations and the public sector have been invited to take part in this year’s conference, which will focus, after Big Data in 2017, on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2018. This key enabling technology has made its way into daily life, and all the more in France and the Netherlands, pioneers in the field of digitalization.

This year emphasis will be put on the French-Dutch cooperation in the field of start-ups, highlighting their role in the growth and implementation of the disruptive innovation that AI will bring along.

During the conference the start-up part will be introduced by a speech from Nils Beers (Director StartupDelta) and Frederic Oru (NUMA), followed by 10 AI-start-ups. 5 Dutch. 5 French. The start-up part will be moderated by Stacey Binon (Marketing and Partnerships Manager VivaTech).

Spotlight on:  Toucango, Effect.ai, GeoSpark, Braincreators, 20 Face




Face tracking technology and artificial intelligence to improve road safety.
TOUCANGO is a smart driver assistant system, which assists the driver while driving against the risk of drowsiness and distracted driving. The INNOV-PLUS start-up has developed an optical sensor and its embedded analysis and AI algorithm that can alert the driver up to 30 minutes before falling asleep by means of visual, audible or vibrant alerts. The sensor also detects a loss of attention of the driver (distraction – smartphone). The data generated by the Toucango sensors allow our customers to analyze and reduce the risk of accidents.

Effect.ai builts a decentralised network for AI. AI is mainly developed and used by the big corps, and they keep it to themselves. Effect.ai  commoditises AI, making it available for everybody in a fair and decentralised way.



GeoSpark is a location tracking and intelligence platform, built using an AI-driven location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain. Serving over 600+ apps with over 1.5 million monthly active users.



BrainCreators delivers enterprise AI solutions. Our team combines cutting edge machine learning, deep learning and data science with enterprise software engineering skills to deliver scalable, secure and reliable solutions. We automate data preparation through our BrainMatter platform and actively share knowledge while implementing solutions. Clients range from banks, insurance and logistics companies to media and steel production.


20 Face
The edge of 20face’s technology is a unique combination of regional machine learning and AI algorithms that makes the technology extremely robust to lighting conditions, pose variations, low resolutions and even partly occluded faces; all that is needed is a glimpse of a face for recognition. The technology is extremely “light-weight” which makes it very suitable for embedding it in small devices and scaling it to a large volume of video streams. 20face’s aim is to develop the first worldwide glimpse facial identification platform that is privacy proof, user-driven and ultimately secured. This technology/software will be a key enabler in domains varying from hospitality, ticketing and healthcare to security, surveillance and cyber security.

Stay tuned for part II [2/2] to learn more about the other 5 AI start-ups who will take the stage during the Erasmus-Descartes Conference.