Vacancy: Liaison for the Partners for International Business ‘Science to Business’


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Paris is offering a liaison assignment for the Partners for International Business Science to Business (PIB S2B). In this programme a consortium of six partners in the ‘High Tech Systems and Materials’ (HTSM) sector, including companies and knowledge institutes, will collaborate with the Dutch government to strengthen the position of the Dutch Big Science industry within Big Science organisations in France and Switzerland. The liaison assignment aims at facilitation of successful market entry in France and Switzerland.

Overall responsibility

The Liaison is primarily responsible to support the establishment of the PIB S2B programme in France and Switzerland. This includes, but is not limited to, coordination of activities, developing business leads and providing follow-up. The liaison reports to the Dutch embassy and to the PIB S2B cluster coordinator.


The liaison has a business background that enables him/her to easily understand the business interests of the PIB S2B cluster members. Business development is a key quality combined with excellent communication and organising skills. The liaison is familiar with the French and Swiss government structure and ministries and has familiarity with the Dutch business culture. He/she has a strong network in and understanding of the French, Swiss and Dutch Big Science Facility community (facilities, governments, business, institutes). The liaison works independently while keeping stakeholders like the Dutch embassy and PIB S2B coordinator updated. Successful networking is an integral part of this assignment.

Specific duties and responsibilities

  • Business lead development
  • Monthly reports to the cluster/ quarterly newsletters for French/Swiss/Dutch stakeholders
  • Support organising events and missions
  • Provide follow-up for individual cluster members or the PIB S2B as a whole
  • Build a network with relevant French and Swiss government- and private sector stakeholders
  • Coordination of activities
  • This assignment will last three (3) years and will be applied as a part-time position (1-2 days/week, depending on the activities that are on the agenda). After the first year the results will be reviewed and the assignment can be continued or terminated.
  • This assignment is no employment contract. A service contract will be closed and the liaison must be in the possession of a valid work permit. Companies can also apply with suitable candidates.

Qualifications and requirements

  • +5 years experience in business development
  • Organisational and communication skills.
  • Track record developing and obtaining (paid) work projects at Big Science Facilities
  • Experience in working with Dutch companies and/or knowledge of the Dutch HTSM sector
  • Preferable experience in working with the French/Swiss government
  • Academic degree (MSc) in related technical field
  • Excellent command of English (French and German helpful) – both spoken and written
  • Networking skills

How to apply

The contract will be awarded after a tender procedure. A preselection will take place before participants are invited to the tender procedure. To be considered for the preselection and tender procedure, please submit the following:

  1. Introduction letter introducing the company and/or individual;
  2. Examples and references showing your experience in the requested areas.

Not more than 3 examples per aspect will be considered.

Please submit to the attention of Ms. Marianna Stepanian to with line: “Liaison assignment PIB-S2B”, not later than 22 April 2018.