Lancement du programme PIB Science to Business

SnipImageLe lundi 4 décembre 2017 un consortium de six entreprises néerlandaises du secteur High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) a signé dans les locaux de TNO à Delft aux Pays-Bas un accord, appelé PIB Science to Business (Partners for international Business), en vue d’exploiter les chances offertes par les organisations Big Science en France et en Suisse, telles que le CERN, l’ESRF ou encore ITER. Ci-dessous plus d’information en Anglais.


Kick-off PIB programme Science to Business

On Monday the 4th of December the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme Science to Business was signed at TNO (Delft). Six companies in the High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) sector will collaborate with the Dutch government to strengthen the position of the Dutch Big Science industry within Big Science organisations in France and Switzerland.

Participating companies

The Dutch companies TNO, VDL, Boessenkool, Demaco, DeRoovers and Mat-Tech take part in this PIB programme.

Opportunities for Dutch companies

Through the collaboration agreement the cluster aims to strengthen the position of Dutch companies within Big Science organisations in France and Switzerland. The PIB Science to Business will focus primarily on the Big Science organisations CERN, ITER and ESRF.

Partners for International Business

With PIB,  the Dutch government aspires a partnership with the private commercial sector.

This program, organised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, focuses on groups of companies, possibly supplemented with research institutes, who wish to enter a foreign market jointly. Within this approach a coordinated strategy rather than stand-alone activities is applied. Through economic diplomacy, the government tries to eliminate trade and investment barriers, so that entrepreneurs can seize opportunities. PIB focuses on Dutch companies in the top sectors Energy, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Creative Industry, Water, Agrifood, Horticulture, High Tech Systems and Materials (including aviation, logistics and chemistry) and internationalization strategies that focus on specific countries.

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