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Innovatieve automotive startup?
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Van 15 tot 17 juni 2017 vindt in Parijs het Viva Technology event plaats waar 5.000 top start ups uit de hele wereld bijeenkomen om investeerders en grote technologiebedrijven te ontmoeten. Een belangrijk element daarin is ‘The Lab‘, Viva Tech’s DNA. Daar hebben innovatieve start ups de kans om zich te presenteren voor industriële bedrijven van wereldniveau. Eén van de bedrijven die deze uniek kans biedt, is VALEO. (Deadline: 31 maart 2017)

Het thema: Making driving safer and smarter by using Data Analytics and Bots
Data is everywhere and nearly every industry is aware of its value to achieve new levels of success. For instance marketing departments would use data analytics to better predict public trends, impact of marketing campaign and so on. With more and more embedded technologies in cars, the amount of available data is exponentially increasing: data from the driver, the car, the surroundings, and any device or infrastructure that may be connected. In this context, the automotive industry needs to cope with the challenge of gathering, storing, managing, ensuring the security of collected data, to create contextualized and personalized services to improve the new driver experience.

Naar welke vier specialisaties is VALEO in het bijzonder naar op zoek?

  1. Chatbot Virtual Assistant
    – When to turn HVAC on?
    – When to activate parking assistance?
    – When to activate smooth mode for autonomous cars in case the passenger is feeling anxious?
    In general: to remove and replace all unnecessary buttons inside the cockpit

2. Digital car community
Creating an interface enabling the driver to connect with:
– The most relevant garages based on first diagnosis or prediction made by the car itself
– The closest and cheapest gas station
– All kinds of services enabled by digitalization

3. Digital Car services community
Creating an interface enabling garagists or car services providers to connect with drivers, anticipate their needs, and potentially to connect with other garages or communities to offer better and contextualized services to the driver

4. Data collection and data analytics for driver health monitoring
– Breathing pattern
– Temperature
– Vital signs

Meer informatie

Kijk voor meer informatie op de Valeo website hier.

Deadline voor indienen: 31 maart 2017!!