Innovative climate solution? Take part of the COP 21 at the Breakthrough Night!

Source: text from the website of the Breakthrough Night, visited on the 2nd of November, 2015 at 5pm.

On 4 December 2015, at Grand Palais, Paris, the innovation eco-system will showcase mature and home-grown projects, which actively contribute to the invention of post-carbone world and change in our society throughout this event. Innovators, startups, experts, investors, innovation departments, incubators, research centers, journalists, institutions… Take part in Breakthrough Night on 4 December 2015 to think about and share new solutions for the climate.

The Grand Palais will be transformed into a place dedicated to emulation and innovation for the night. The ICA pass makes possible :

  • Take part of the Breakthrough Camp and discover the 60 better innovative projects selected Innovative Climate Breakthrough Show
  • Assist to the Breakthrough Show and discover the climate trends
  • Present your project on the Pitch Flow
  • Exchange on B2B on the area Focus Room
  • By taking part in this event, you will become a member of the ICA community (Innovation Climate Accelerator), which brings together and promotes innovative partnerships for the climate by hosting events and using a platform.
* You can also take part in this event from anywhere in the world via our mobile and web application. You have access directly to the members of the community and get in touch with experts in similar fields around you with our geolocalisation push application.
  • Project owner: 100€ for startup owner, 300€ for company owner (early bird offer before 11/14 : 50€ and 150€).
  • Innovation professional: 300€. Early bird offer before 11/14 : 150€.
  • Academic: Junior enterprises, researchers and teachers : 50€.
  • Media: Registration form here
Organised on the basis of referencing ten registered breakthroughs, ICA is a federated and up-to-date community of partners in the field of innovation with continuous information and updates on project developments. This community is open to the world and is open to all innovators. ICA has its own network and represents active and productive innovation. Our partner network works on a daily basis to develop the ICA community.